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Upholstery Cleaning

Much like your carpet and rugs your upholstery will, over time, shows signs of daily use: the arm-rests of your sofa may become soiled from your hands, or its front skirts may get scuffed by the backs of your shoes; the headrest may get soiled by the natural oils in your hair, or those of your pets; perhaps there are some stains and spills on the cushions.

Our powerful truck-mounted steam extraction system can help make your upholstered furniture look vibrant.

First, we pre-spray the upholstery with a cleaning solution. We then agitate all the soil by attacking it with a powerful, yet gentle, spray of hot water and steam at a rate of 200 psi, and at a temperature ranging from 180 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit -- which is all then quickly extracted back into our truck's holding tank by a powerful, yet gentle, vacuum system.

We include a fabric softener in the water, as well as agents that neutralize the ph balance, so as to stop any browning.

Additional spot-cleaning is done on any stains or spots using safe spotting-solutions.

Have you had trouble getting your sofa cleaned in the past? We clean many fine fabrics that other either refuse to clean, or clean improperly -- such as linen, silk and wool.

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